About us

Fresco Film is an animation studio which produces animated e-cards, commercials and entertaining clips.

We make animations for mobiles and internet environment – for sending them from mobile to mobile and e- mail to e-mail. In this case the enterpreneur does not have to pay for the air time of commercials in TV. We also make commercial animations in HD format to be shown in TV.

We offer both ready made animated e-cards and animated congratulation/greeting clips designed according to your personal vision.

We intend to make an animation which corresponds to your idea and wishes.
We animate banners to attract the attention of your clients and increase sales.

Fresco Design

Fresco Film can also design logos and business cards.

We can create your company`s design according to your vision or we can offer you our solution for presenting your company in the most effective possible way.


Tel no: +372 4427193
GSM: +372 564 554 30
Email: fresco@fresco.ee

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