About the commercials

Animated commercials are meant for sending from mobile to mobile or to e-mail. Think about it – you will save yourself the trouble of paying for the air time.

We also make commercial animations in HD format to be shown in TV.

If you would like to send us an idea of advertising yourself or you are interested in our idea of advertising you, please contact us.

What kind of commercials do we offer?

We can produce a commercial according to your vision or we can create a suitable advertising version ourselves.

  • Animated commercials
  • Animated advertising serials
  • Animated charcters (mascots) created according to the individuality of your product
  • Animated and static banners

The price of a commercial depends on the complicacy of animation.
Prices begin from 12 eur per second

Animated banner.
Prices begin from 24 eur

Fill it in here to order a commercial :)

How can you order commercials from us?

There are several ways to do it.

By phone

Call us and we shall agree in details.

Tel no +372 564 554 30

By mail

Send your ideas and wishes to us by e-mail using the form above or via our address.